Did you know that?

  • Cellulite is a disorder of the skin tissue and not a condition of fat people
  • Cellulite is recorded in the medical literature of European doctors in the early 19th century
  • Cellulite occurs initially in the lesioned tissue, deep-and much later when the cellulite deteriorates internally becomes apparent on the surface of the skin!
  • 4 out of 5 women have cellulite

What can I do to fight Cellulite?

The cellulite treatment is a multidimensional issue. Requires consistency, change our attitude of life and way of thinking! The basic requirement is a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables , fiber essential fatty acids and proteins to ensure the strengthening of connective tissue, smooth elimination of toxins, activate the metabolism and physical reconstruction , immediate restoration of damage both surface and deep-tissue in the skin. You must remember that a sedentary lifestyle and smoking aggravate cellulite! So, putting in your life daily exercise will improve your mood and your health! Finally, it is equally important to daily home care with specialized products that provide the skin elements to enhance the consistency and firmness, stimulate microcirculation and ultimately improve the appearance of the skin!

YOUTH LAB. Body Creams

YOUTH LAB. laboratories created two specialized body products that their effectiveness lies in its unique composition of oligopeptides, caffeine and natural substances that are absorbed directly and stimulate microcirculation, enhance skin tone, stimulates lipolysis and directly improve the cellulite! Apply daily and the results will amaze you!