The cleaning product can easily affect the effectiveness of the moisturizer or serum? Yes! This is result of the fact cleaning products are formulated with ingredients that remove impurities, makeup and excess oil! However, many times the strong ingredients that cleansing products include, disord hydrolipidic film, which is the natural moisturizing factor as well as the pH of the skin causing the skin to be dehydrated, or even dried in cases that the skin is oily, and eventually produce more sebum! Therefore choosing the proper cleaning according to the needs of our skin is what will make our skin function correctly!

Cleansing in the morning and night, why?

Morning: The skin during night sleep performs all the apocrine,, regenerative, healing and metabolic processes whose outcome is the elimination of toxins and waste substances... These compounds are lipophilic and dissolve not only with water. Therefore it is necessary to use a specialized cleanser in the morning!
Evening: The skin in our faces is exposed all day to the external environment and environmental aggressions (pollution, impurities ,smoke, dust, fume, air conditioners, high or low temperatures, sun, humidity, etc.). So at the end of the day if we could see under the microscope facial skin we would see dirt, dust, bacteria, secretions of the skin, makeup residue. So try to think the possibility of placing your moisturizing cream or serum above them all. What good would it make; NONE!

YOUTH LAB. Cleansers, the right way for a healthier skin!

YOUTH LAB. Cleansers are products of daily care as is indicated by their name, Daily Cleanser! They are entirely specialized in removing dirt, impurities and makeup due to mild epfaneiodrastikon containing amino acids, without irritating the skin! Rich in moisturizers, Sodium PCA and urea, moisturize skin and restore consistancy of the stratum corneum preventing transepidermal water loss!