At the age of 20, our skin is sleek, smooth and has high levels of elasticity. However, according to experts, after turning 25 the pace of cellular metabolism, the natural process of rejuvenating the skin, begins to slow down. The dead cells accumulate and stay on the exterior layer of our skin for a longer time period. The skin then, begins to look tired and dull. 

Yet, it requires a certain time period until the signs are visible on the skin, since the pairing mechanisms keep the same working rate. The probabilities to try and prevent these signs are high, providing that we do something about it on time.

What can we do to enable our skin metabolism?

We adopt a healthy lifestyle
A balanced diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep are crucial factors for the skin’s (and our) well-being. 

We take good care of our skin
Careful care is another key factor for ensuring a healthy skin. Daily cleansing to remove residues and makeup, as well as systematic use of peeling products to relieve the skin from dead cells will stimulate skin metabolism, as massaging increases blood flow and thus the skin is oxygenized. 
Also, the application of a moisturising cream is necessary for a complete skin hydration, a boost in the production of collagen and elastin and the enrichment of antioxidants.

How YOUTH LAB. is involved in skin metabolism

YOUTH LAB. dermocosmetics are abundant in drastic ingredients and each one of them aims to balance a different operation of skin metabolism. The ingredients show their effect either after they are absorbed in the higher layers of the skin, or by enacting the responsible “messenger” who makes sure that all hibernating functions will become active again.
So, by choosing YOUTH LAB. dermocosmetics, we enhance our skin’s metabolism for a bold younger and healthier look!