The progress in science and research, is changing what we knew today for cosmetic’s actions and effects on the skin.

A scientific research, funded by the European Union, has started in order to create "new generation" cosmetics with enhanced action.

The purpose of the research is to develop new will achieve the desired results immediately but the effect will last long term, as well as to postpone their expiration date.

These new stuctures will be based on cutting-edge technologies in the field of encapsulation of bioactive substances, such as spray drying and electrostatic spinning.

The formulas to be developed within the specific program obey the strict European legislation on cosmetics and all substances used are tested and approved after thorough toxicology studies.

Involved in the pan-European research are: Planning and Process Analysis Laboratory (PPAL)
of the School of Chemical Engineering, National Technical University, research centers and companies, with a leading role in the field of cosmetics and medicines.

The only Greek cosmetic’s brand that collaborates with the PPAL in the pan-European research is YOUTH LAB. dermocosmetics.

YOUTH LAB. in collaboration with Greek experts, acclaimed in the field of cosmetics, from independent research laboratories, have developed advanced formulas with natural, herbal, bio- technological and synthetic active ingredients, aiming to enhance the metabolism of the epidermis’ layers, through a modern perspective: the restoration and gradual “building” of skin’s youth! 

YOUTH LAB. products are dermatologically tested, parabens free and dermatologists approved.