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We believe in youthfulness. We believe in science.
We believe that science can revolutionize skincare.


we’re rewriting the
rulebook on youthfulness.


In collaboration with leading Greek scientists, we carried out extensive research into the skin biology and discovered that the “key” to youthfulness comes down to one key mechanism.

And it’s none other than… the skin metabolism, which poses a significant factor in the gradual formation of young and healthy skin.

All we had to do was find a way to activate it — and that’s exactly what we did!

We identified the active ingredients and developed formulas that allow them to penetrate deep into the skin and awaken its metabolism!
“Awakening” skin metabolism is the scientific answer to youth.


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Science for Youth

Would you believe that youthfulness is the result of the "awakening" of skin metabolism functions?

YOUTH LAB.’s scientific team, having studied skin biology in depth, has discovered that the “secret” for youthful skin lies in the “awakening” of its metabolic functions.

Why does skin metabolic rate slow down?

Our skin metabolism slows down due to time’s natural damage that gradually decelerates biological functions, thus not allowing cells to be replenished with the necessary nutritious ingredients on time.

At the same time, daily exposure to radiation, impurities and toxins or cigarette smoke, slows down even further skin cells natural recomposition and repair.

And that’s just about how dark spots, dullness and of course wrinkles make their appearance.
To preserve youth, the YOUTH LAB. team has explored ways to activate the metabolic functions and has managed to spot the proper ingredients to awaken skin metabolism!

Using biocompatible active ingredients that function as an “alarm clock” in skin metabolism and by increasing or reducing- depending the need- cells enzymic activity, they contribute to the reactivation of cell functions, thus ensuring that youth lasts longer!

The biotechnological, natural and herbal active ingredients that we use in YOUTH LAB. are acknowledged by skin as… its own. This way, they manage to penetrate into the deeper layers of skin and take action, each one addressing different metabolic functions.

Some ingredients “awake” collagen and elastin production, others protect proteins from oxidation and others re-energize overaged cells. Other ingredients remain on skin surface and using the proper “messengers”, they boost the repairing function of cells that have grown slower.

All the action mechanisms of the active ingredients that we use in YOUTH LAB. have a common goal: to «build» strong skin, protected from aggression and with enhanced metabolic rate.

At YOUTH LAB., we believe

that science can make a

revolutionary difference in youth.

At YOUTH LAB., we use

the power of science

to make your skincare

dreams come true.



For every skin care need YOUTH LAB. delivers innovative formulas that embed in their substances the secret of youth!