What products can I use during pregnancy?

Each pregnancy and each woman is unique, so please address your doctor, who will be able to assess based on each formulas’ ingredients, which products are suitable for your needs.

I am in homeopathy, which products can I use?

Each pregnancy and each woman is unique, so please address your doctor, who will be able to assess based on each formulas’ ingredients, which products are suitable for your needs.

I need a day cream with antiwrinkle action.

Wrinkles Erasure Cream is a 24hour antiaging cream to address early signs of aging at 30+ and is suitable for all skin types. This cream may be used day and night, as it hydrates in depth, reinforces skin tissue density, softens fine lines and wrinkles, while restoring skin’s youthful glow! On top, the use of the tinted Daily Sunscreen Gel Cream SPF 50 for Combination Oily Skin is highly recommended, or Daily Sunscreen Cream SPF 50 for Normal / Dry Skin, or alternatively the colorless Daily Sunsceen Cream SPF50 non tinted, which is suitable for all skin types. Younger ages may prefer the CC Complete Cream SPF 30, a comprehensive composition that offers coverage, hydration, reduction in discolorations, antioxidant protection and restores skin’s elasticity and radiance.

I need a night cream with antiwrinkle action.

Wrinkles Erasure Cream is a 24hour antiaging κρέμα for the early signs of aging at 30+ και and is suitable for all skin types. This cream may be used during day and night, as it hydrates in depth, reinforces skin tissue density, softens fine lines and wrinkles, while restoring skin’s youthful glow! Another suitable choice is cream- serum Restoring Serum, as it has a creamy texture – unlike most serums in the market-so it can also be used at night, individually or combined with a night cream.

I need a night cream

You may use during day or night one or more creams below in combination, to offer hydration and nourishment to your skin: For Combination / Oily skin, Balance Mattifying Cream is highly recommended. For Normal Skin prefer the Oxygen Moisture Cream, while for Dry Skin, please try the Deep Moisture Cream. If you also wish to address early wrinkles, firmness and elasticity enhancement, then these products can be used on any skin type: cream- serum Restoring Serum, as well as the 2 24-hours Wrinkles Erasure Cream, for early signs of aging at 30+, as well as the Re-Activating Youth Cream for total restructure at ages 45+.

I have acme issues, which cream can I use?

Balance Mattifying Cream is suitable for oily, or blemish prone skin, because its initial action is regulating, whereas its antioxidant and hydrating composition preserves and boosts humidity levels onto skin and tightens dilapited pores.

Which ages do Wrinkles Erasure Cream and Wrinkles Erasure Cream for Eyes address?

24hour Wrinkles Erasure Cream and Wrinkles Erasure Cream for Eyes are suitable for all skin types and address early signs of aging at 30+. For a more intensive result, combine them with the best seller cream- serum Restoring Serum.

I feel my skin dry after cleansing. What does this mean?

… this is a sign that the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) of your skin (in other words the natural veil of protection that preserves humidity and prevents the penetration of allergens) has been disturbed. This can either be caused by not using a suitable for your skin type cleanser, or because the cleanser you have chosen contains aggressive cleansing agents, such as SLES and SLS, that lack respect for your skin pH.
All YOUTH LAB. products are carefully designed to maintain skin pH at 5-5.5 and leave your skin hydrated, which is why they contain biomimetic of skin’s NMF ingredients, such as Sodium PCA, Sodium Lactate, Fructose and Urea, as well as modern surfactant aminoacids, to maintain skin humidity levels.

Can I find the CC Complete Cream SPF 30 in other color shades?

The multifunctional CC Complete Cream SPF 30 contains natural pigments that adjust to skin’s tone, offering a natural matte effect. We recommend that you apply the product thorougly onto skin until it is fully absorbed. Tip: you may blend your colorless moisturizer with the CC Complete Cream SPF 30 to offer an even lighter tone onto skin. P.S. It may not offer the expecte result to extremely fair and extremely dark skin.

Oil Free Compact Cream SPF 50 is offered in 3 shades: which one is right for me?

Oil Free Compact Cream SPF 50 is available in light color for fairer complexions, medium color for all fair/ mediterranean type complexions and dark color for darker and more tanned skin.

What ages is cream-serum Restoring Serum suitable for?

Restoring Serum addresses ages 30+ and will help you maintain your skin’s youthfulness, as it ensures proper metabolic functioning. It smooths fine lines and wrinkles and enhances skin elastictiy, while addresses imperfections and discolorations thanks to stabilized Vitamin C.

Should I use a moisturizer after having used the serum?

The use of a moisturizer is essentially necessary for normal and dry skin. To make sure if you need extra moisturization, apply the serum onto face. If after a few minutes your skin feels dry, then you need to also apply a moisturizer. Restoring Serum, unlike most creamy serums in the market, minimizes after use the dryness sensation, even on dry skin.

Which product is suitable for me if I don’t have a serious cellulite problem?

If you do not have a serious cellulite problem, the Firmness Body Cream is quite sufficient as it combines firming, lipodialytic and moisturizing action, while it addresses up to 2nd degree cellulite.

Should I wear sunscreen on top of my moisturizer?

Έρευνες δείχνουν ότι η χρήση αντηλιακού προϊόντος είναι απαραίτητη καθ’ όλη τη διάρκεια του χρόνου, καθώς είμαστε εκτεθειμένοι άμεσα και έμμεσα στην ηλιακή ακτινοβολία, ακόμη και τις συννεφιασμένες μέρες! Ωστόσο κατά τους χειμερινούς μήνες, ένας χαμηλότερος δείκτης αντηλιακής προστασίας -όπως αυτός της πολυδραστικής κρέμας CC Complete Cream SPF 30- είναι αρκετός ή ακόμη και για τις πιο ζεστές μέρες στην πόλη. Όμως, για την έκθεση στον ήλιο, η καθημερινή και συχνή εφαρμογή αντηλιακού προϊόντος με υψηλότερο δείκτη προστασίας SPF 50 κρίνεται απαραίτητη.

Is there a YOUTH LAB. sun care product lower than SPF 50?

Multifunctional CC Complete Cream SPF 30 is a safe choice to use through out the year and within city life, as it offers adequate sunscreen protection with SPF 30 and can replace your make up, as it covers kin imperfections.

Why should I choose a YOUTH LAB. tinted sunscreen?

YOUTH LAB. tinted sunscreens, contain natural coloring agents that prevent from the unpleasant white tone that sunscreens usually leave on skin. At the same time they reflect light and offer an even, natural skin tone!

Can I only use a sunscreen during the summer or should I also apply a moisturizer?

Οι αντηλιακές κρέμες της YOUTH LAB. περιέχουν ενυδατικά και αντιγηραντικά στοιχεία και έτσι δεν είναι απαραίτητη η χρήση ενυδατικής κρέμας πριν την εφαρμογή του αντηλιακού. Όμως το καλοκαίρι, λόγω του ήλιου και της ξηρασίας το δέρμα αφυδατώνεται και έτσι ενδεχομένως οι κανονικές / ξηρές επιδερμίδας να χρειάζονται μια έξτρα ενυδάτωση. Ακόμη, μπορείτε να συνδυάσετε και τον κρεμο-ορό Restoring Serum με τη χρήση μιας αντηλιακής κρέμας YOUTH LAB. αφήνοντας πάντα ανάλαφρη την επιδερμίδα σου.

When should I start using an antiaging cream?

At the age of 25-30 skin’s needs are hydration, eye care and preventing the first wrinkles which can be addressed with an enhanced moisturizer with antioxidants and antiaging ingredients that shield skin against time, such as Balance Mattifying Cream, Oxygen Moisture Cream and Deep Moisture Cream. At the age of 30-40, skin’s needs focus on hydration, eye care, antiaging cream and serum, so you can ideally choose Wrinkles Erasure Cream, Wrinkles Erasure Cream for Eyes and cream-serum Restoring Serum to address early signs of aging.

What are the biocompatible ingredients used in YOUTH LAB. products?

YOUTH LAB. formulas contain natural, herbal and bio-compatible active ingredients, which are substances created within the lab and own a molecular structure which our skin recognises as its own. This way they manage to penetrate the stratum corneum and are used to their fullest potential by our organism.

Does the CC Complete Cream SPF 30 color cover skin imperfections?

The multifunctional CC Complete Cream SPF 30 consists of natural pigments that adapt to the color tone of each skin and was created to cover and correct redness and color imperfections, while at the same time, thanks to its enhanced composition with antioxidants and Vitamin PP it stimulates, hydrates and fades age spots, sun spots and freckles. It is an ideal product for daily makeup and can be used as a basis for a more intense and covering makeup.

Do the Daily Cleanser Gels of YOUTH LAB. remove waterproof mascara?

Choosing the right Daily Cleanser for your skin type, you have an effective, cleansing foaming gel that perfectly removes makeup, even waterproof mascara. It does not irritate the eyes and respects the pH of the skin as it does not contain aggressive cleansing agents such as SLES and SLS.

If I see any reaction on my skin after the first application of a cosmetic composition, what should I do?

In case you notice any irritation on your skin, you should stop using it and call us at +30 216 9000 060 or send us an email at: youthlab@youthlab.com.

At what age can YOUTH LAB. sunscreen products be used on children?

Our sunscreen products can be used on children over 12 years old. For younger ages, consult your pediatrician.

Are YOUTH LAB products. tested on animals?

YOUTH LAB. products are NOT tested on animals and we make sure that our raw materials are not tested on animals too. All the quality tests, in vivo are conducted by volunteers under the supervision of dermatologist.
Also, all our products are suitable for vegans as they do not contain animal byproducts and are paraben, SLS/SLES and gluten – free.

Are YOUTH LAB. products suitable for use by people suffering from psoriasis or eczema?

YOUTH LAB products. are dermatologically tested. Although the patch tests applied to our products have shown that there is a minimal risk of irritation, the corresponding tests have not been performed on people suffering from these diseases, however, especially products aimed at dry skin can be beneficial in such cases.. In any case, we recommend patients with corresponding diseases or symptoms to consult their doctor.

Are YOUTH LAB. products suitable for use by people suffering from varicose veins or rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic condition, with frequent flare-ups that appear on the face as hot flashes, persistent redness, pimples, intense varicose veins. In addition to the individual treatment, it is usually recommended to use a light texture of daily care cream such as Oxygen Moisture Cream and the use of sunscreen such as Daily Sunscreen Cream Non-Tinted. However, consult your doctor about the suitability of the compositions you choose.

Are the products suitable for people suffering from gluten or nut allergies?

Such allergies usually occur with the internal consumption of the respective allergen. However, there are cases where even simple contact with the corresponding ingredient can lead to anaphylactic shock. In addition, sometimes allergies get worse over time, resulting in an ingredient that once caused a problem just by eating it, over time raising awareness in external use. Regarding YOUTH LAB. products though, are all dermatologically tested, suitable for vegans and certified free of gluten, parabens and petroleum.

Is it advisable to use CC Complete Cream SPF 30 for oily or acne prone skin?

CC Complete Cream SPF 30_Oily Skin is suitable for oily skin with a tendency to acne, as it has a non-itchy composition and does not “burden” the skin at all. It is a moisturizing cream with color, which ensures uniform coverage, regulates oiliness and at the same time, gives the oily skin a matte effect while protecting it from UV radiation.

Does CC Complete Cream SPF 30 has anti-wrinkle action? Can a 40 year old woman use it?

Certainly! It is a multifunctional cream that contains phytosterols to hydrate the skin instantly and long-term, restoring its elasticity, as well as the bioactive plant extract Uniluchent which gives a youthful glow and radiance. So it can be surely used by a woman 40+.

Can CC Complete Cream SPF 30 replace the foundation?

Yes! It offers adequate and uniform coverage, and can comfortably replace a foundation. It can also be used as a base for a more intense and heavy make-up, as it offers long-lasting hydration to the skin.

How often does CC Complete Cream SPF 30 need renewal?

The frequent or non-frequent renewal of CC Complete Cream SPF 30 depends on the skin needs and the general lifestyle of each user. This product is quite stable, however it is not waterproof. Moreover, if there is extensive sun exposure it should be renewed after 2 hours.

I have Systemic Lupus Erythematodus in an initial stage and my doctor recommends proper and systematic hydration of the face and definitely sun protection. Which YOUTH LAB. products should I use?

Όσον αφορά το βήμα του καθαρισμού, προτείνουμε το αφρώδες τζελ Daily Cleanser _ Normal / Dry ή το Oxygen Cleansing Milk που είναι για ακόμα πιο ευαίσθητα δέρματα. Από τις ενυδατικές κρέμες, σου προτείνουμε την Oxygen Moisture Cream για το κανονικό δέρμα και συμπληρωματικά την υπερ-εντατική ενυδατική μάσκα Thirst Relief Mask που εφαρμόζεται εναλλακτικά και σαν κρέμα νύκτας. Η πολυδραστική κρέμα CC Complete Cream SPF 30_ Normal / Dry Skin είναι επίσης μια επιλογή, καθώς καλύπτει τις κοκκινίλες και ταυτόχρονα ενυδατώνει και προστατεύει από τον ήλιο με τον δείκτη προστασίας SPF 30. Αντίστοιχα, η CC Complete Cream for Εyes με την ελαφριά, φυσική κάλυψη θα φροντίσει την ευαίσθητη περιοχή των ματιών και τέλος, το αντηλιακό προσώπου δίχως χρώμα Daily Sunscreen Cream SPF 50 Non Tinted θα σε προστατέψει στις πιο απαιτητικές συνθήκες.

Do you use silicones in your formulas?

Much has been said about the use of silicones but in fact there is no scientific contraindication that proves that they are harmful to our health or our skin. In YOUTH LAB. all the raw materials that are used are firstly tested for their safety and in cases where silicones should be used… we choose those that are harmless and have only positive impact to the formula. The most important thing we could blame silicones for… is their impact on the environment, as they have low biodegradability.

YOUTH LAB products. are hypoallergenic?

Before answering this question, we must emphasize that the “allergic reaction” is associated with the immune response of each organism to a component.
It is a reaction that concerns a specific person, a unique organism.. This means that even if a product is described as “non-allergic” after testing on X people, we can not guarantee that it will not cause an allergic reaction in another person. As a matter of fact… it is impossible to test our products on all skins and all organisms. However, all YOUTH LAB. products are dermatologically tested, free of parabens, gluten and petroleum.

When should I apply Check-Matte? Before or after my moisturizer and sunscreen?

Check-Matte is best applied on clean skin, before any other product .. moisturizer, serum, sunscreen, makeup etc. It works instead of a primer and completely controls oiliness, while cleansing clogged pores and moisturizing. However, if during the day you see oiliness in the affected areas, you can freshen up your makeup and restore the matte appearance of the skin, using the sponge contained in the package and gently patting onto any oily zones on face.

How do I know if the Check-Matte compact case needs refilling? And how is refilling done?

When you start to feel that the application sponge is not very wet (you will not feel the product on your face), it means that it needs refilling. Then you need to buy the Check-Matte refiller, which comes in a 12ml tube. To refill the content of the CHECK-MATTE compact case, lift the embedded cushion and fill with the CHECK-MATTE Refiller fluid, until the base surface is covered.

Are your products available in Cyprus?

Our products are available in pharmacies in Cyprus. Below you can see the contact details of our representative as well as the relevant points of sales:

Do the company's sunscreens contain nanoparticles?

Από την γκάμα των αντηλιακών μας vαvοσωματίδια υπάρχουν στα παρακάτω τρία προϊόντα:


What percentage of vitamin C is contained in Restoring Serum?

Vitamin C is essential in the action of Restoring Serum as it normalizes discoloration and skin signs, however its percentage in a product plays a very small role if the stability of the vitamin in it is not ensured! So it is important to know that YOUTH LAB. uses a stabilized lipophilic vitamin C which has proven action against wrinkles and skin discolorations and thus achieves the desired result!

Are your sunscreens suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

We would like to inform you that there is no YOUTH LAB. product that is contraindicated for the period of pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, since each case is different and the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding is definitely not only a sensitive, but also a very important period of your life, we believe that it is better to consult your doctor, who based on the composition of the product you are interested in can advise you if it is suitable for your needs.

Can Cellulite Free Serum and Firmness Body Cream be used in combination? And if so, in what order should I put them?

Of course they are combined… ensuring even better results. As for the application, first apply the Cellulite Free Serum, which is a serum against cellulite and improves the appearance of orange peel. After 5 minutes and being fully absorbsed, then you can proceed with the application of the 2nd product, Firmness Body Cream which is a firming cream with fat-dissolving and moisturizing action. Another option is to apply the serum in the morning and the firming / moisturizing cream in the evening.

Are YOUTH LAB. products suitable for vegans?

Yes, all YOUTH LAB. products are suitable for vegans and do not contain gluten. You will find a fully record of all the ingredients on the page of each product.

Do YOUTH LAB. products they contain gluten?

No, YOUTH LAB products. do not contain gluten. You will find a fully record of all the ingredients on the page of each product.