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The YOUTH LAB. team consists of people who believe in imagination and science and dream of a world filled with radiance… something you instantly grasp thanks to their creativity, diligence, devotion, and team spirit!

We’ re looking for people with the same dreams and values, the same moral compass, as well as the passion to make those dreams come true!

If consistency is in your DNA and adjustability comes naturally to you, then do not hesitate to share your CV!

In YOUTH LAB. we believe in imagination! But more than anything, we believe in people! We focus on a working environment with equal opportunities, respect our peoples’ personalities, acknowledge, and reward their contribution towards the Brand’s evolvement!

Dreams turn to science thanks to the devotion and passion of our people: we invest in them, hence invest in our Vision.

If this “formula” for success matches your vision, please share with us your CV.

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